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      Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon

      Richard Mille, one of the first individuals to think of exotic watches, offers launched a new limited version timepiece inspired by samurai culture and the philosophy associated with Bushido.

      The RM forty seven is limited to 75 items and took about 4 years to produce. At the heart from the watch is a unique motion that includes stylized samurai shield entirely handcrafted in strong gold. Beautifully detailed battle suits model handcrafted by well-known hand-carver Pierre-Alain Lozeron. The actual paint on the armor had been drawn by Lozelon's spouse, Valerie Lauzeron.

      Formula 1 celebrity Fernando Alonso, known for their fascination with traditional Japanese artwork and Richard Mille versions, played a major role within the creation of this extraordinary vehicle.

      The details of the new product reflect Japanese culture, like the crown set with ti, Carbon TPT® and refined 3N gold. Japanese walnut leaf motifs are also showcased, symbolizing the seasons, grace, elegance and the constant flow regarding life.

      To obtain all eleven parts of the Samurai inside the RM 47 Tourbillon, the actual watchmaker spent 16 hrs engraving and 9 several hours painting. The sides of the case real estate the figures are made of 3N gold, while the rest are made from black PRP ceramic.

      Concentrating on extraordinary aesthetic details and also the brand's emphasis on tradition as well as perfection, the RM forty seven tourbillon has attracted the interest of the brand's strict fans.

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      Patek Philippe's main presentation this year is the almanac travel time reference. 5326G-001. For the timepiece, the brand has combined a new aesthetic with a new brilliant movement, and it could be the ultimate travel watch. The combination of a travel time complication and an annual calendar is a first for the brand. In addition, the brand has designed a new Calatrava case that is breathtaking. In addition to this, the brand has also launched the automatic Calatrava Ref. The 5226G-001 shares the same overall aesthetic. This style presents a modern interpretation of a vintage aesthetic and is perfect for this simpler timepiece. With these two new watches, Patek Philippe strikes gold.



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top 100 games ...::: Los Santos Reallife :::... Hier erreichbar

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